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Are You Struggling To Advance In Your Career Because Of Your Quiet Personality??

Many quiet personality professionals have suffered career sabotage and stagnation at one time or another because of the inability to be flexible in environments that cater to the more outgoing. Quiet Personality Professionals are very talented, resourceful and intelligent, but are often passed up for promotions and under-recognized for their strengths.

Are you tired of being overlooked, unappreciated and unheard? Are you ready to learn the skills you need to take your career as far as YOU want it to go?

If your answer is yes, then you’re ready to Get Savvy!! 

About Savvy Learning

Savvy Learning provides quality online learning experiences to help Quiet Personality Professionals develop skills that are vital to career advancement such effective communication, conflict prevention/resolution, relationship-building and much more!! We also teach our Quiet Personality professionals how to tap into and maximize into their natural strengths, adapt in work environments not ideal for their personality and how to find a career that is more aligned with their strengths and personality preference. Currently, all of our learning experiences are 100% virtual.

We don’t want you to worry about travel, lodging or taking time off from work. Everything you need to level-up your skills will be only a mouse-click away.

 A Note From Shannon

Hello, I’m Shannon D. Smith, Founder of Savvy Learning.  I LOVE helping others learn which is why I started this company. I’m  passionate about helping other quiet personality professionals like myself develop various professional skills so they can put an end to being overlooked and unappreciated. It truly saddens me when I see highly skilled, intelligent and talented individuals in unfulfilling careers that leaves them drained, frustrated and too stressed to experience work-life balance.

In my early years of being in the workforce, I was pretty quiet and stayed to myself for the most part. I was always a hard worker and learned things very quickly. To my dismay, my brilliance and work ethic was not enough to advance me in my career as I hoped it would. After missing out on promotions and opportunities that I knew I was qualified for, the saying, “it’s not what you know, but who you know” became an unwanted reality.

As I continued working and experienced various career and life transitions, I began to notice trends of behaviors that seem to be essential to getting ahead in the workplace. Many of those lessons helped me to transition from being a single-mom of (4) with little marketable skills to a highly skilled professional. I attribute much of my progress to finding a career that aligns well with my personality preference, great leaders who helped me see things from different perspectives so I’d continue to grow and learning how to maximize the strengths of my introversion while managing areas of weakness.

So, because of my deep passion for learning, teaching and helping people develop themselves, I decided to pass on all of my lessons learned here in the blog, SAVVY U and our Coaching Club. I hope you find that Savvy Learning is a place where you feel informed, inspired and empowered!

Always remember…..It’s never too late to get savvy!

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